States of the Eastern Chou, 771-256;
Warring States Period, 481-221

Warring States, , Period, 481-221; Late Chou, 473-256
Chou Lu Ch'in Chiang Ch'i T'ien Ch'i Chin/Tsin Ch'u   Chao Sung Wey Cheng Yen Ts'ai Yüeh
475- 468Tao Kung466- 429Li-kung Kung476- 443P'ing Kung480- 456Ting Kung511- 475Hui Wang488- 432Hsien- tzu475- 425Chao Kung450- 404Ch'i Chün477Ai Kung462- 424Hsiao Kung497- 455Sheng Kung471- 457Kou- chien Wang496- 465
Chêng- ting
468- 441Tsao Kung442- 429455- 405Hsüan Kung455- 410Ch'u Kung474- 451Wei Ch'u Kung, restored476- 456Ch'eng Kung454- 439Lu- ying Wang465- 459
440- 425Yüan Kung428- 408Huai Kung428- 425Ching Kung450- 434Han Wen Hou445- 396Huan- tzu424Tao Kung455- 451Yu Kung423Min Kung438- 415Yüan Kung456- 451Pu- shou Wang459- 449
Wei- lieh
425- 401Ling Kung424- 415Tao- tzu410- 405Yu Kung433- 416Chien Wang431- 408Wu Hou424- 409Hsien Hou423- 409Ching Kung450- 432Hsü Kung422- 396Ch'i Hou450- 447Weng Wang449- 412
Mu Kung407- 377Chien Kung414- 400Sheng Wang407- 402Ching Hou408- 400Lieh Hou408- 387Chao Kung431- 429Chien Kung414- 370Ts'ai falls to Ch'u, 447I Wang412- 376
401- 375Hui Kung399- 387K'ang Kung404- 379Ho Hou404- 384Lieh Kung415- 389Tao Wang401- 381Lieh Hou389- 387Wu Hou395- 370Tao Kung403- 396Huai Kung428- 415K'ang Kung395- 375
Ch'u- tzu386- 385Su Wang380- 370Wen Hou386- 377Ching Hou386- 375Hsiu Kung395- 373Shen Kung414- 373 Chih- hou Wang376- 375
375- 368Kung Kung376- 353Hsien Kung384- 362Hou Yen383- 375Huan Kung388- 369Ai Hou376- 375Sheng Kung372- 362Ch'u- wu- yü Wang375- 365
368- 320Hsiao Kung361- 338Huan Kung374- 357Chin replaced by Han, Chao, & Wei, 369Hsüan Wang369- 340I Hou374- 363Hui Hou369- 345Ch'eng Hou374- 350Pi Kung372- 370Ch'eng Hou361- 333Cheng falls to Han, 375Huan Kung369- 362Wu- chuan Wang365- 357
K'ang Kung352- 344Hui- wenKung, 337- 324Wei Hou356- 335Wei Wang339- 329Chao Hou362- 333Hui WangHou, 344- 334Su Hou349- 326T'i- ch'eng- tzu369- 329Wen Kung361- 337Wu- ch'iang Wang357- 333
Ching Kung343- 315Wang, 324- 311Wei Wang334- 320 Huai Wang328- 299Hsüan- hui Wang332- 312Wang, 334- 319Wu- ling Wang325- 299K'ang Wang328- 286P'ing Hou332- 325 I Wang332- 321Yüeh falls to Ch'u, 333
Shên- ching
320- 314P'ing Kung314- 296Wu Wang310- 307Hsüan Wang319- 301Ch'ing- hsiang Wang298- 263Hsiang Wang311- 296Hsiang Wang318- 296Hui- wen Wang298- 266Wang K'uai320- 312
314- 256Wen Kung295- 273Chao Wang306- 251Min Wang300- 284Hsi Wang295- 273Chao Wang295- 277Chung-shan falls to Chao, 296Ssu Chün324- 283Chao Wang311- 279 
Ch'ing Kung272- 255Hsiang Wang283- 265Hsiao- lieh Wang262- 238Huan- hui Wang272- 239An- hsi Wang276- 243Hsiao- ch'eng Wang265- 245Sung falls to Ch'i, 286Hui Wang278- 272
Lu falls to Ch'u, 255Hsiao- wen Wang250Wang Chien264- 221Lu falls to Ch'u, 256Ching- min Wang242- 228Tao- hsiang Wang244- 236 Hua Chün282- 253Wu- hsiao Wang271- 258
Chou falls to Ch'in;

Ch'in Dynasty, 255-207

 Chuang- hsiang Wang249- 247Yu Wang237- 228Wang An238- 230Wang Ch'ien235- 228Yüan Chün252- 230Hsiao Wang257- 255
Cheng Wang, Shih Huang- tiWang, 246- 221Wang Fu- ch'u227- 223Wang Chia227- 225Tai- wang Jia227- 222Chiao Chün229- 221Wang Hsi254- 222
Huang- ti,
221- 209
Conquest by Ch'in

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