Armenian Patriarchs
of the Great House of Cilicia

The Armenian Patriarchs of Cilicia began as the main line of Armenian Patriarchs who had fled the Seljuk Turks and relocated from the East to Roman Cilicia in 1062. When Roman power itself collapsed in Anatolia after 1071, the Patriarchate soon came under the protection of the Kingdom of Lesser Armenia. After this Kingdom was conquered by the Mamlûks in 1375, conditions back in Armenia began to appear relatively preferable. The Patriarch Gregory IX (1439-1446) did not relocate, but a rival Patriarch was elected in Armenia in 1441. The Cilician line simply continued as before. In 1921, however, as Armenians were being killed in Turkey, Cilician Armenians and the Patriarch fled to French controlled Lebanon. The Patriarchate was established at Antelias in 1930. It has remained there since.

Armenian Patriarchs
of the Great House of Cilicia
Gregory IX1439-1446
Hovhannes I1483-1488
Hovhannes II1489-1525
Hovhannes III1525-1539
Khachadour I1553-1558
Khachadour II1560-1584
Azaria I1584-1601
Hovhannes IV1601-1621
Bedros ICoadjutor,
Simeon II1633-1648
Toros II1654-1657
Khachadour III1657-1677
Sahak I1677-1683
Azaria II1683-1686
Grigor II1686-1695
Hovhannes V1705-1721
Grigor III1721/2-1729
Hovhannes VI1729/30-1731
Schism with Catholic Patriarch
Michael I1737-1758
Yeprem I1770-1784
Toros III1784-1796
Giragos I1797-1822
Yeprem II1822-1833
Michael II1833-1855
Giragos II1855-1866
vacant 1894-1902
Sahag II1902-1939
Patriarch settles in Antelias, Lebanon, 1930
Papken IICoadjutor,
Bedros IV1940
vacant 1940-1943
Karekin I1943-1952
Karekin II,
I of Armenia
of Armenia,
Aram I1995-present

In 1737 there seems to have been a disputed election. As in the Church of the East, the loser organized his own Church (1740) and turned to Rome, who recognized him as a Catholic Patriarch (1742). Along with the Orthodox Armenians, the Catholic Patriarch moved to Lebanon and is now established in Beirut.

Armenian Catholic Patriarchs
of the Great House of Cilicia
Abraham Petros I Ardzivian1737–1749
Patriarch settles in Bzoummar, Lebanon, 1749
Hagop Petros II Hovsepian1749–1753
Michael Petros III Kasparian1753–1780
Parsegh Petros IV Avkadian1780–1788
Gregory Petros V Kupelian1788–1812
Gregory Petros VI Djeranian1815–1841
Jacob Petros VII Holassian1841–1843
Gregory Petros VIII Derasdvazadourian1844–1866
Anthony Petros IX Hassun1866–1881
Jacobanti-patriarch, c.1870–?
Stephen Petros X Azarian1881–1899
Paul Petros XI Emmanuelian1899–1904
Paul Petros XII Sabbaghian1904–1910
Paul Petros XIII Terzian1910–1931
Avedis Petros XIV Arpiarian1931–1937
Gregory Petros XV Agagianian1937–1962
Ignatius Petros XVI Batanian1962–1976
Hemaiag Petros XVII Ghedighian1976–1982
John Petros XVIII Kasparian1982–1999
Nerses Petros XIX Tarmouni1999–2015
Krikor Bedros XX Gabroyan2015–present

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