A Letter to The Wall Street Journal, "The Political Hygiene of Smoke-Filled Rooms"

about a column by Jason L. Riley, November 2, 2016

Editorial Note:

The following letter was published by The Wall Street Journal on November 8, 2016, A14. Parts in blue were added by the editors.

"Letters to the Editor"
The Wall Street Journal

Dear Sirs:

In "Bring Back the Smoke-Filled Room" (op-ed, Nov 2), Jason Riley says that after Trump vs. Clinton “party insiders” should get more say in picking a nominee for their parties.  However, according to Mr. Riley’s own account, Hillary Clinton was the choice of the Democrat “party insiders.”  Indeed, she has been for years, since before the emergence of Barack Obama.  Donald Trump represents a revolt against such insiders in the Republican Party, as Bernie Sanders did in the Democratic Party.  The last two Republican presidential candidates, John McCain and Mitt Romney, were themselves ”insider” candidates.  How did that work out?  Does Riley really want more Clintons, McCains, and Romneys?  I hope not.  I sure don’t.

Kelley L. Ross, Ph.D.


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