A Blast of Leftist Hate and Bigotry

A favorite conceit of the political Left is that it is against "hate," by which it generally means what it calls "racism," which in current controversies often means simply enforcing the immigration laws that the Democrat 111th Congress had left in place when Republicans took over the House of Representatives in January 2011 (in the 112th Congress). Trying to see that immigration law is "faithfully executed," his Constitutional duty, thus makes Donald Trump, who used to be praised by people like Jessie Jackson, and who had the perhaps naive idea that black leaders might support him for President, a "racist." Democrat appointed Federal judges have tried to stop Trump by ruling that enforcing immigration law is "arbitrary and capricious."

However, the Left is consumed by hatred, and not just of America in general -- it had to be voted on in the Laguna Beach, California, City Council whether to keep an American flag on police cars, because some found it "threatening," "aggressive," or "offensive" (the flag stayed) -- but of various specific people in the most bigoted, blistering, racial and religious ways, actually encompassing most Americans, as was revealed on January 18th, 2019.

This was in the aftermath of the annual anti-abortion "March for Life" in Washington, D.C. -- an event that generally draws thousands of people, but it is usually, sysematically ignored by the Media, whose political bias is in favor of abortion and does not want adverse publicity about it -- in this case simply publicity that much of the country views abortion as murder -- otherwise, the practice of the media is that a dozen protesters in the "right" cause might lead the 11 o'clock news. The propaganda need is acute at the moment when the pro-abortion agenda is apparently to legalize infanticide in everything but name.

When the march was over, a group of teenage boys from Covington Catholic High School, in Park Hills, Kentucky, walked down to the Lincoln Memorial to meet their bus. In terms of the mainstream media, these boys were already beyond the political pale.
Joy Villa, at the Grammies, 2019 -- probably not as a tribute to Pink Floyd's The Wall, 1979
First, they were teenage boys, who now are beasts exemplifying "toxic masculinity" -- a denegration already described in a book, The War Against Boys, by Christina Hoff Sommers [Simon & Schuster, 2000, 2013] . Next, they are (mostly) white, which makes them the oppressors of everyone through all of history. Third, they are Catholics, which makes them, I guess, child rapists. Fourth, they are against abortion, which means they hate women and want them dead. And finally, they supported Donald Trump, who has addressed the March for Life the last two years, and they wore "MAGA" -- "Make American Great Again" -- hats, which display the Trump campaign slogan. This makes them everything that the Left wants to accuse Trump of, like "racism," "white supremacy," etc.

All of these things already made the boys political criminals in all sorts of ways. But since there are so many such criminals in the country, they still would not have come to public notice if they had not been targeted on the spot for harrassment. That came in the form of two groups, whose presence at the March for Life I do not quite understand. The first of these were the "Black Hebrew Israelites," whom even the biased "Southern Poverty Law Center," which has its own history of smearing people (like Ayaan Hirsi Ali), has characterized as a racist and anti-Semitic hate group. The "Black Hebrew Israelites," who are black, say that they are the real Jews and that actual Jews are not. Unless this group was either for or against abortion, I don't know what they were doing in Washington on that day. They seem to have been there just to try and attract some publicity. If that was their goal, they accomplished it by beginning to taunt and harrass the Catholic boys from Kentucky. They did this with what the Media otherwise would have called racist and homophobic slurs, but they added other insults about Catholics and "rednecks" because they seem to have learned that the boys were Catholics from Kentucky -- so accusing them of being children of "incest" seemed to be based on the idea that people in Kentucky marry close relatives. They also harrassed a black student in the group, using the "N" word and telling him that the white students would kill him and "harvest your organs" -- which might make us wonder what they really think goes on. All of this was clearly recorded on video and audio. Rather than respond to this harrassment, the boys decided to cover the sound by doing some of their school sports cheers.

Walking into the midst of this was another group, whose presence in Washington is also a little hard to understand. This group seems have been called the "Indigenous People's March" and was led by a "Native American" activist named Nathan Phillips, who is a Vietnam Era veteran, sometimes claiming to be a Vietnam War veteran, which he wasn't. The "March" was in Washington perhaps for the same reason as the "Black Hebrew Israelites," which was just to try and catch some publicity. It is not clear whether Phillips ever expressed any views about abortion.

While the boys were being harrassed by the "Israelites," Phillips inserted himself between the groups, walked up into the midst the boys, and began beating a drum and chanting, as we see in the photo at left. The boys had no idea who he was or what he was doing, or why. At first they thought that he was joining with them in their cheers and was friendly to them. So they smiled and kept singing along with his drumming. But he was not friendly, and soon other "indigenous" activists with him began taunting the boys with "go back to Europe" and other slogans of whatever their cause is (which, if it had involved telling the black protesters to go back to Africa, would have been treated very differently by the media).

In the face of this, once they realized that Phillips was as hostile as the "Black Israelites," the boys were restrained and behaved. But that is not the story that was soon disseminated. Phillips would say that he intervened because the boys were a "lynch mob" and "beasts" who were headed for the black group ("attacking these four black individuals," Phillips would say), which was their "prey." Supposedly, the smiling faces of the boys were hateful and diabolical. At the same time, the confrontation of Phillips with the boys, beating his drum right in the face of one of them, was sold as the boys confronting and harrassing Phillips, and mocking him with Trumpian political slogans like, "Build the wall." So the news headline was about racist rednecks "mocking a Native American Elder," who apparently was just out honoring Nature on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial -- when he noticed the lynch mob attacking black people.

This distorted narrative, with edited images, exploded across the Media. Here were the young, insolent racists and white supremicists in action again, against black people and Native Americans, just like in Charlottesville. This was taken up with enthusiasm by Leftist sources; but also even some "conservatives," and the actual Catholic officials of the school and diocese back in Kentucky, took the story at face value and ritually denounced the boys. The suspiciously RINO-like "conservative" S.E. Cupp (who has joined Jeff Flake in defending the mainstream media against Trump's "war" against them, of which she is now a part, at CNN), led her weekly show with attacks on the boys -- which is the first place I actually saw anything about the story.

It quickly got very ugly. People wanted the boys beaten, or even killed. Some wanted the school burned down, with all the students in it. And every smear in the Leftist playbook was launched at the boys, with "racism" only the warm up. People wanted their addresses, so protests and harrassment, if not violence, could be directed at their homes. Actually, it is now common for the Left to demonstrate at the homes of officials or people they don't like, often involving a bit of vandalism, at least. It is rarely clear how often these demonstrations involve professional activists or a quickly recruited "rent-a-mob." They are never spontaneous, as they Left tries to present them. The news Media are extraordinarily uninterested in their nature, or in who pays for their signs, transportation, bullhorns, etc. [note].

Unfortunately for these enthusiasts, it was all a lie. Everything Phillips had said was a lie, and unedited videos of the event, over a period of two hours (where was that damn bus?), showed what had really been happening, and what everyone had been saying. The boys were the victims. They were being confronted and harrassed. They were not mocking or insulting anyone. They were just waiting for their bus and trying to avoid trouble.

Nathan Phillips himself, with 20 to 50 followers, tried to crash a Catholic church service later the same day. What he has in particular against Catholicism has never been made clear. But the doors of the church were successfully locked against him.

The reactions to the truth were equally telling. A lot of the Left was going to continue with "Well, they're still racists anyway." And, of course, the boys weren't allowed to wear the MAGA hats because we all know that supporting Trump is racism already. Others were more contrite and apologized. Others simply deleted their statements as though they had never existed. S.E. Cupp made a half-hearted apology on line and then ignored the whole matter on her show the following week. Any real conservative would have been intrigued by the manner in which the Left expressed all the bigotry and hatred that supposedly is only to be found on the Right. It is actually the true nature of the Left. I guess that Cupp doesn't care if religious children are smeared, defamed, and threatened.

Another phenomenon involved some people who overtly had never bought the Media narrative, but who seemed to be trying to find something to blame the boys for anyway. One version of this is that the boys actually really were mocking the "Native American Elder" with "tomahawk chop" gestures. This is used by sports fans of the Atlanta Braves baseball team, the Florida State University Seminoles, and the Kansas City Chiefs football team. To the bien pensants, the "chop" is therefore an insult to American Indians. However, it is not obvious on the video tapes that any of the Catholics boys were doing this; and, even if they were, it is not clear it would have been intended as an insult, since that is not what is meant by the Atlanta or Kansas City fans, or the Florida State Seminoles. It is only politically correct ideologues who react to the "chop" as an insult, and so this accusation against the boys is obviously directed to a particular, biased audience.

But revoking the insults and threats is not that easy. Defaming private individuals, with malicious and baseless lies, and especially children, is legally actionable. Threatening children with injury or death, and, for heaven's sake, advocating the destruction and death of students in their school constitutes a "terrorist threat." Libel lawyers have been engaged by Covington families, and letters have already been sent out requiring potential defendants to preserve records. It looks like those who didn't apologize or who kept calling the teenagers "racists," etc., are going to pay for their bigotry. The District Attorney back in Kentucky is investigating the threats, and he can extradite people who have called for violence against the students and/or the school. They will deserve it. Let's hope he doesn't wimp out, as cowardly Republicans often do.

In 2018, a lot of Americans, and not just the dead or illegal aliens -- the reserve guard of the Democratic Party -- voted for Democrats, enough to take over the House of Representatives and several statehouses.
Joy Villa, at the Grammies, 2019
But if these Americans don't know it, this hate and bigotry is what they voted for.

They also voted for the new celebrities of the Democrat Party, like Bernie Sanders, who now express their support for the dictatorship in Venezuela. We might have always suspected Bernie of idolizing Cuba and the Soviet Union, and wondered what deceptions lay behind his "Democratic Socialism." He said he wanted socialism like in Denmark or Sweden. Unfortunately, Bernie seems ill informed about developments in Denmark and Sweden, and the Prime Minster of Denmark himself had to clarify that Denmark is not a socialist country. But Cuba is.

And when Cuba, Russia, China, Iran, Turkey, and the Peronist Pope support the dictatorship in Venezuela, and so does Bernie, the truth comes out. These are the Democrats people just voted for. It's Bernie Sanders, who thinks that all necessities of life should be free, just like in Cuba, while there are too many deodorants in the drug stores. The Federal Government is going to shut down some of those companies, and probably seize their assets.

But nothing has exposed the Left like the affair of the Covington Catholic High School students. The hate and bigotry are raw and fully exposed. They hate boys. They hate Catholics. They hate white people. They hate conservatives. They hate pro-Lifers. It is a wonder they don't hate everything. But the truth may be that they hate themselves before all. What started as Liberal guilt turned, by way of Nihilism, into racial self-hatred. This is what people who voted for Democrats voted for. Good luck with it. Destroying the prosperity and freedom of Americans will be the least of it. There are scores to settle.


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A Blast of Leftist Hate and Bigotry; Note

When I personally witnessed anti-police marches in New York City in 2014, I noticed that the professionally produced signs that were carried contained sponsorship references and URL's for the Revolutionary Communist Party (RPC), with whom I was already familiar from when I was living in Austin, Texas in the late 1970's. These were people for whom the pro-Soviet American Communist Party (CPUSA) was too wimpy and compromised with ideological co-existence. The RPC wanted a proper Revolution, with massacres, executions, GULAG's, etc.

What always interests me about the news coverage of these kinds of things is something I noticed at the time. No news report I ever saw identified the sponsors of the demonstrations or showed plainly what the signs said (news sources in the press might identify some sponsors, often radical ones, but I didn't see the RCP even there). This is not unusual. There is rarely the slightest effort on television to plainly show what signs at political demonstrations actually say. Today, it is often possible to freeze-frame the images on television and read the signs, but just as often the nature of the footage makes this difficult to impossible. One may be left with the impression that news organizations do not want people to read the signs, because they sometimes carry messages that would be embarrassing for the causes that the news organizations themselves support -- where, of course, news organizations should be reporting, not supporting, any political causes. None of them believe that anymore.

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